Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

I thought I'd look back and list some of my Thanksgiving Memories.

  • Eating spinach at Granny's - almost couldn't get it down
  • Walking on a beach  - watching surfers
  • Aunt spilling a whole pumpkin pie in the oven
  • Pecan Pie - Papa Al eating it by himself, making it for the first time by myself
  • Crowded around the table at our house on Dennie Court
  • Mom making a list of what we had at the meal
  • Visiting my in-laws finding out they don't always have turkey!
  • Watching football
  • Playing video games and eating turkey dinner for 3 days straight (yes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!)
  • Eating dinner at Spanish Moss

What are some of your memories for this wonderful holiday?

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