Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Generations of List Makers

This compulsion to make lists must be a genetic thing. My sister, Paula describes it as a family habit! She calls herself an inveterate lister who couldn’t get through a day or a week without one (some?) My list memories of my mother, Gerry, are of her sitting at her little roll top desk making a grocery list on the back of a scrap paper pad. She was green and recycling before it was in. She made lists of groceries, menus, and party planning details. The classic example is each serving dish on my wedding supper table had a hand printed note describing what food it should contain. Mom said that was so the aunts would know how to help!

*Aislie Frances. The newest daughter
*Leslie Frances. The mommy
*Karen Frances. The grandma
*Paula Gerry. The aunt. Her middle name is from our mother, Gerry
*Geraldine "Gerry" Frances. The great grandma
*Fannie "Frances." The great great grandma. Her given name was Fannie, but she didn’t like it!.
*Hattie ? The great great great grandma

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